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Monaco Banks and Banking

Wealth Management in Monaco

Monaco has a variety of banks offering services to foriegners, from larger multinationals to banks specialising in private banking to banks that exist only in Monaco.

Monaco has strict client confidentiality laws that guarantee client privacy to all clients.

There are several advantages to placing money in Monaco:

  • Banking Secrecy: Confidentiality is guaranteed in banks in Monaco, with long traditions of private banking and banking secrecy.
  • Mortgage Finance: Why not finance the purchase of your villa in France with a loan from a Monaco bank? This way you avoid French Wealth Tax on your property (If it is above roughly 780,000 Euro in value). And the mortgage can be attained based on capital invested with banks in interest generating accounts and investments.
  • Secure Banks: Monaco's banks are quite conservative and are well capitalised. With an investment portfolio adopted to your risk profile, you can be at ease as your investments are exactly where they should be.

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