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Monaco Tax Rates

Income tax

Wealth Management in Monaco

Income tax in Monaco was abolished in 1869 and since then has remained at 0%. All Monaco-born and foreigner residing in Monaco can benefit from this, with the exception of French nationals who have become resident since 1957.

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax headline rate is 33% of profits. However, there are numerous incentives available to start-ups and holding companies. With effective tax planning, taxation can be minimised.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax does not exist in Monaco.

Land Tax

Land Tax does not exist in Monaco.

Wealth Tax

Wealth Tax does not exist in Monaco.

Housing Tax

Housing Tax  does not exist in Monaco.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax rates are as follows. Gifts from:

  • Spouse to spouse - No Taxes
  • Brother/Sister transfer - 8%
  • Aunts, Uncles, Nieces or Nephews - 10%
  • Unrelated person - 16%
  • Other collateral - 13%


VAT (Valued Added Tax) is applicable as per the French rate - 19.6%

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