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Cimiez is the oldest part of Nice and remnants of its prestigious past can be seen today, from the Roman ruins to the Hotel Regina, where Queen Victoria spent her winters on the top floor. Today, Cimiez is classic Nice residential, with tree lined, wide boulevards, Belle Époque and more modern residences.

Cimiez is located just north of central Nice in the suburbs. Lower Cimiez is walking distance to central Nice and the beach, while a car is needed from most of Cimiez.

Originally called Cemenelum by the Romans, they left their mark with the amphitheatre, which is now used to host the annual Nice Jazz Festival.

Cimiez thrived in the 19th century when it was the base for many international aristocrats, most notably Queen Victoria, who used the whole top floor of the former Hotel Regina to house all her entourage. Today, the Hotel has been divided into luxury apartments and you can buy your piece of history.

Buildings in Cimiez vary, from original Bourgeois palace, such as the Regina, but also others built for Russian Tsars and Afghan princes. More modern buildings can also be found, with terraces, swimming pools and great views.

Prices for property in Cimiez vary, but are broadly comparable to prices in the Carre d'Or area of Nice.

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