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Nice, France


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Nice, the fifth largest city in France, is the capital of the French Riviera region.

Inhabited since prehistoric time and officially part of France since 1860, Nice is both a cosmopolitan city and a resort with 7 kilometres of beach.

Rich in history and culture, the remnants of its past can be seen throughout the city from the ruins of the 'Chateau' on the hill to the immaculate building facades in the Old Town. Nice has inspired writers and painters, attracted European aristocrats and American and Russian businesspeople for over two centuries.

Nice's position at the heart of Europe means that one can fly to London on any of the 15 to 20 flights a day at very competitive prices, while a whole host of other European destinations are served from Nice International Airport, which is the second busiest airport in France with just under 10 million passengers a year. Italy is a short car or train journey (around 45 minutes from Nice) while Monaco is even closer (30 minutes on train or by car). For those who love traditional Provence, the Old Town with its meandering, narrow streets offers everything from Socca (traditional pancake) to Provencal kitchenware. Provence proper is about an hour's drive away, with lavender fields and the echo of the local Provencal dialect in the air.

Nice is a year-round city, with lots to do. In summer, it becomes a tourist magnet from the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival in May to the end of September with the closing of the traditional summer season. New Years attracts many Italian tourists, where the sound of champagne corks popping is the soundtrack to the night. The Nice Carnival in February is a two week artistic celebration, with lots of families and children.

Nice was inhabited by the Romans, with remnants of this era visible in Cimiez at the old amphitheatre site that is still well preserved. Withstanding numerous invasions throughout the century, Nice was part of the Savoy Kingdom in the late middle ages. After a successful referendum in 1860 Nice become officially part of France. An invasion of a different kind began in the mid 19th century with the descent of European royalty to Nice, most notably British royals and Russian tsars. Queen Victoria made Nice, and Cimiez in particular, her winter retreat with the Hotel Regina's top floor being 'rented' by her and her entourage for months on end. The Hotel Regina has since been divided into apartments and available to buy – your slice of Nice's history!

The Russian invasion culminated in the construction of the first major Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia at the turn of the 20th Century to serve the vibrant Russian Orthodox community. Tsar Nicholas II funded the construction of the church, which opened in 1912.

One of the main attractions for the royals was a temperate, Mediterranean climate with mild, hot summers and sunny winters. Summer highs tend to be in the mid-30's Celsius while winter low's rarely go under 5 degrees Celsius.

Whatever your passions, Nice has something for everybody.

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